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Reach this audience of Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants and Practice Administrators in Urgent Care, Occupational Medicine, Retail Clinic, DOT Clinic and Hospital clinic practices.

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Larry  Earl, MD

Trusted Advisor & Mentor

I’m Dr. Larry Earl and I’ve owned and operated multi-site, multi-state Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine centers for over 30 years.

Now I provide full time consulting and training for clients ranging from independent medical practices to billion dollar healthcare organizations.

We cover all aspects of urgent care, primary care and occupational medicine from strategy and design, sales & marketing, implementation and operational optimization.

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We reach out everyday via email, social media and digital advertising to grow this very popular, targeted list of certified DOT medical examiners hungry for updates and ongoing education regarding controversial commercial driver exam topics.

These examiners practice in some of the fastest growing practices – urgent care, occupational medicine, retail and DOT/truckstop clinics.


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When we launched 3bExam – an electronic exam solution for medical examiners-in 2014, exhibiting at urgent care and occupational medicine conferences the first thing several people suggested was that “…we should talk to Larry Earl.”  

Since then, working with Larry has brought us to the doorstep of some major national clinic chains and health care systems we had previously been unsuccessful contacting.  

A recent webinar campaign to his network has produced a flood of interest resulting in multiple immediate sales with many more in the pipeline.  

Larry’s digital marketing expertise and methodology for planning the webinar, promoting and launching the campaign, and automating follow up are extremely effective.  In addition to attracting the right prospects, Larry’s reputation, integrity and credibility are unparalleled.

I highly recommend working with Larry for anyone wishing to bring valued services or products to the urgent care or occupational medicine market.

Rich Frye

VP Business Development, 3b Exam

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Our Blog

Drug Test for DOT Physical

Drug Test for DOT Physical

"We have a provider who in the past worked in a facility that whenever a driver has a history of previous illegal substance abuse they gave them a drug screen (non dot) with every physical in order to certify. Today we had a driver that admitted to previous use and...

What People Are Saying About Our Webinars

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Just listened to the presentation. I was quite impressed. And after OM residency, boarding and 30 years or so of practice, i’ve followed FMCSA regs for awhile. And I’ve heard my share of presentations on driver exams.   

I must say, yours was excellent. Style and content both spot on. What I thought was particularly useful about the presentation is that it had information of value to old timers like me… as well as the newbies.  Well done. 

I work in a system with a bunch of primary care docs. I’m about to send a reminder about the changes in process.  I’ll include a link to your presentation in case anyone wants a refresher.

Dennis Schultz MD MSPH FACOEM

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that my staff and I find your emails about The DOT exam and Urgent Care in general very useful.

Your opinions are very insightful for dealing with some of the “gray zone” areas.

Your comments often generate lots of discussions which have led frequently to changing the way we do things.

Thank you so much for the work you do.

David W. Miller M.D.

Owner / Medical Director, MedNOW Urgent Care Center

These videos are extremely helpful. It’s a struggle doing DOT physicals these days. I’ve even had a patient say to me “I’m not at my doctors office so why is that your business.” 

I have a feeling I am not the only person hearing these same statements. It’s nice to be able to regurgitate the guidelines because I constantly get challenged. 

The continued education just gives me the comfort of knowing I’m making the right choice when I tell them they need to address medical conditions prior to certification

Amelia Espinosa, FNP

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