When a driver comes in for a re-certification check durring a 1-time, 3-month certificate for HTN what paperwork is required to be completed?  Do you complete the Medical Examination Report Form or what do you do since a full physical is not being completed?

In a driver whose BP is greater than 140/90 but less than 160/100, a one-time certificate for 3 months can be issued. An individual diagnosed with Stage 2 (BP is 160/100-179/109) should be treated (by their PMD, not the medical examiner) and a one-time certificate for 3-month certification can be issued. Once the driver has reduced his or her BP to equal to or less than 140/90, he or she may be recertified annually thereafter. An individual diagnosed with Stage 3 hypertension (BP equal to or greater than 180/110) should not be certified until his or her BP is reduced to 140/90 or less, and may be recertified every 6 months.”

When they come in for the 6 month recertifications for stage 3 HTN, you do a complete recertification exam on a new exam form.

For a one time 3 month certificate, you don’t need to complete an entire new physical.  You may use a new form and check “follow up”, then just update any pertinent exam information.  In the comments section of the form put in the date of the recheck visit, updated BP readings, document any interim diagnostics, notes from PMD, specialists, etc, and note (if BP now below 140/90) that you are issuing a one-year certificate from the date of the original exam.


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