We're So Busy Why Aren't We Making any Money?

We’re So Busy Why Aren’t We Making

any Money?


Top 3 Reasons Your Practice Isn’t Profitable


Apply For Your Free Strategy Session

We can accept a few clients each month to conduct a detailed practice analysis to pinpoint exactly why your practice should be more profitable.

We want to make absolutely sure your situation is the right fit for our solutions.  When you apply for our free strategy session we’ll ask you a few questions to make sure we can help you be more productive.

We’ll be totally upfront about this – if your needs would be better served elsewhere, we’ll make the referral, or sometimes suggest some training you can do on your own.

More likely we can use our 30 years in the business to show you how our consulting services can help you to turn things around, reduce your anxiety, sleep better and enjoy life without worrying so much about your practice!


We’ll evaluate your staffing levels, compare to industry benchmarks, advise on strategy to optimize

Contract Profitability

Which payers/contracts are profitable? Which are you actually losing money on? Managing the income side of the equation

Provider Productivity

Use KPIs to evaluate each provider, identify poor performance and corrective action plan

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