Temporarily Disqualified DOT physical

1)      If a patient is seen for a DOT physical and is temporarily disqualified due to a lack of appropriate documentation at the time of the exam (for instance, the patient has sleep apnea but doesn’t provide proof of compliance with CPAP/clearance from a sleep specialist) but then the patient returns with appropriate documentation days or weeks later (or even the same day), does the patient need a new physical exam, or are we able to pass the patient with the original exam date?
This would be considered a “follow up” as for a similar question here:  https://urgentcarementor.com/dot-exam-q-a/
2)      If a patient is given a temporary qualification (1-3 months, for a condition like hypertension or sleep disorder work-up) but needs to return for re-evaluation, do they need a new physical for recertification, or if the underlying condition is under control, is that sufficient to renew a license with the original exam date?

See here:  https://urgentcarementor.com/temporary-hypertension-certificate-on-dot-exam/

3)      If a patient had a physical earlier in the year but did not have a DOT physical with horizontal vision and whisper test (let’s say they changed jobs since their physical or didn’t think they needed a DOT form completed at the time of the original physical) do they need a new physical in order to certify, or if the appropriate tests (whisper test and horizontal vision) are done at a subsequent office visit, can the form be completed with the original exam date?

If the original exam was done by a certified medical examiner, it is up to the examiner to decide if this information is adequate, and would be dated/expiration date calculated from the original exam date.