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Obstructive Sleep Apnea Management for Commercial Drivers


Evidence based solution for screening, testing, diagnosis, treatment, compliance monitoring and certification determination

Conforms to FMCSA  advisory and Medical Review Board recommendations


Screening Tool


This screening tool should be used  on all commercial driver examinees to effectively identify those at risk for obstructive sleep apnea.

Referral for sleep testing should be made for all positive screens.


Why screen for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)?

15 – 33% of drivers have OSA

prevent excessive crash risk

comply with FMCSA & Medical Review Board guidelines

avoid liability for failure to recognize and manage serious medical conditions

be a diligent medical examiner


Referral – Order Form

Order a convenient, low-cost home sleep test directly, or make a referral to our telemedicine sleep doc to handle everything from here.

You’ll get the sleep test interpretation as soon as the next day from our  board certified sleep medicine specialist if you’re the ordering provider.

The driver will come back to you with their treatment compliance report if you referred everything out to our sleep specialists.


Download the referral form

Driver Instructions for sleep study referral


Instructions for the driver explaining the need for a sleep test based on FMCSA Medical Review Board recommendations, the process of short term certification, testing, diagnosis and treatment, when to come back for re-exam and re-certification, how to obtain the compliance report.

This is a google doc that you may copy and edit with your practice information.


Driver Instructions – Accusom HSAT


Here’s an instructional handout for drivers so they know exactly what to expect when you order or refer for an Accusom home sleep test.

The Novasom staff is available by phone for support and the driver will have a telemedicine visit with the sleep tech to assure chain of custody and proper wearing of the device for the home sleep test.

Driver Instructional Video


Show this video or send the link to each driver you refer or order an Accusom home sleep test for.

They will still get an online telemedicine visit with our sleep tech to confirm chain of custody and assure proper wearing of the Accusom device for home sleep testing.



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