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PPE Supplies


Direct factory relationships mean we can fulfill most PPE, sanitizing and disinfectants needs.

We can fill any size orders to be able to care for the needs of all businesses who need a solution.

Financing available for high volume orders.

We are dedicated to being the valued source for all your safety needs in this unpredicted time.

Transform Your Space


Transforming medical and retail environments into memorable experiences, focusing on the customer experience, flow, and efficiency. 

See our blog article about creating the backdrop for professional meetings and telehealth encounters:

Transform Your Space Blog Article

Dental Injury

Treating dental emergencies in an urgent care setting can be challenging and frustrating, but it can also be immensely satisfying. There is no more appreciative patient than one relieved of severe dental pain.

See the blog article here

The Dental Box®, designed by an Emergency Physician, is a tool that every urgent care facility should have in order to be able to easily treat dental emergencies.


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