When Do you disqualify a driver with Sleep Apnea?

Regarding screening for sleep apnea in DOT physicals. From my understanding, if I order a sleep study, the patient is temporarily disqualified until the study is complete. If they have obstructive sleep apnea found during testing, they must wait 1 month after CPAP treatment or 2 months after surgery.
I have read other providers giving temporary DOT certification until testing is complete or between a patient having testing and having CPAP treatment. Is this allowed?

The DOT driver only needs to be disqualified for sleep apnea if s/he:

  • Has been involved in a crash due to falling asleep
  • Has excessive daytime sleepiness affecting the ability to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle
  • Has sleep apnea and is non-compliant with treatment

OSA algoritm graphic In most cases the DOT driver can be given a “determination pending” or short term certification pending further evaluation.  See below for full details and how you can learn about proper duration of treatment before certifying, certification duration/intervals, how to interpret compliance reports, and much more:

Learn More About Sleep Apnea in DOT Commercial Drivers Here!

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