normal spirometry tracing

We see too many urgent care and occmed practices performing respiratory protection examinations incorrectly.  Often the spirometry testing is done poorly, without proper training or motivation by the staff, on equipment not calibrated correctly, and with invalid results.  

Then we see physicians interpreting the results and making determinations of worker's ability to perform or not perform these jobs based on these invalid tests.

Employers must be able to rely on medical providers to deliver expert opinions for their respiratory protection program so they can conduct their operations and manage their employees in a safe and OSHA compliant manner.

OSHA recommends that facilities conducting occupational spirometry tests for respiratory protection programs establish on-going programs of regular QA reviews of spirograms and calibration check records.

Employers and Medical providers - This audit will identify problems with your exam procedures and offer corrective measures.


  • Are Reports consistent?

    Are your docs providing consistent reports on employees sent over for respirator clearance?

  • Staff Training?

    Are you confident your medical providers and staff have the proper training to conduct spirometry exams?

  • Equipment reliable?

    Are you confident the spirometry equipment has been serviced and calibrated properly according to OSHA guidelines?

  • Physicians referring for exams appropriately?

    Are your docs reviewing the respirator questionnaires and referring workers appropriately for physical examination?

  • Reliable Opinions?

    Are your docs sending reliable opinions on suitability to perform jobs requiring respirator use?

Here's What You'll Get:

  • OSHA Respirator Questionnaire review

    We'll review a sampling of the OSHA respirator questionnaires to assess patient risks and appropriateness of referral for a physical examination

  • Spirometry Calibration

    Evaluation of proper procedure for spirometry calibrations

  • Spirometry tests

    Evaluate spirometry test samples for validity and interpretation

  • Physician's Opinion Letter

    Evaluate the physician's opinion or "clearance" letter for correct recommendation

Respiratory Audit

Start here with a basic 4 examination audit.  That's 4 examinees' questionnaires and spirometry tests, PLUS we'll review your calibration logs and staff training documentation.  You'll get a full report.


See below for more options

4 Exam Audit
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    Brian Rogers DO, MPH, FAAUCM, Medical Director IMED Physicians Network
  • Dr. Earl's expertise in developing needed components of our program was invaluable. I would highly recommend him for all workplace health and medical needs. He has been a subject matter expert and we have been privileged to work with him and his team
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4 Exam Audit

PLUS we'll review your calibration logs and staff training documentation. You'll get a full report.

Quarterly 4 Exam audit
$1587 - 20% discount!

OSHA recommends ongoing QA reviews

Quarterly 10 Exam Audit
$2867 - 20% discount!

Comprehensive compliance throughout the year

Best for multiple centers and providers

I'm an employer and use an occupational medicine specialist for our exams, do I need this service?

Unfortunately, even in occmed focused practices we see inconsistent examination results.  OSHA recommends and facility providing these examinations undergo a Q&A process like this on a periodic basis. 

Can't our Medical Director do this?

In many cases, yes.  Having it done by a third party assures it is unbiased and objective, so a "spot check" never hurts!

Does it matter if we are or work with a large multi-site occupational medicine practice?

Dr. Earl has done these audits for small independent practices and as a consultant for Concentra, so any size practice should have an objective outside audit periodically.

Do you provide training for our staff?

We have online training for providers for Respiratory Protection programs and Asbestos Surveillance and partners to provide NIOSH approved technician training.

What information do we need to send for you to conduct our audit?

You'll get an email after you submit your order requesting the documentation needed.  If you're an employer, you'll need to forward this to your medical provider.

Is it HIPPA compliant?

Any information sent needs to be "de-identified" for HIPPA security.  We do need age, gender and ethnicity, but any names, social security or other identification needs to be blacked out or omitted.

How soon will I get the report?

These can usually be scheduled quickly with your report available in just a few days.

What if I have other questions before ordering this audit?

No problem, you can schedule a quick call here or ask me anything here by clicking the little green icon in the lower right of your screen.