Guest Post by Michael Bart, Founder, ProScheduleMatch

In a previous blog post we talked about prosperity in the health care setting. Briefly, we concluded that “If an organization is moving towards it’s goals and meeting the metrics of it’s mission statement, if it’s clients are satisfied, and it’s employees are engaged and individually feeling prosperous, the organization very likely “feels” prosperous.”

Pro Schedule Match (PSM) is a unique staff management tool that can help organizations and individuals move towards the state of “feeling prosperous”. There are many ways and scenarios in which PSM can be used but today I would like to discuss contingency staff.

How do you manage your per diem and float pool? How much time is spent communicating with your outside staff? Do your managers spend an inordinate amount of time communicating by phone, text, or email? Does your staff fret over their scheduling requests? Do you suffer through periods of under or overstaffing? Are you paying temp agencies an inordinate amount of money to keep your staffing levels at par?

There is another way to organize and think about your staff…

Let’s look at a scenario… ABC Clinic is a busy urgent care facility that is staffed 16 hours/day 365 days/yr. Radiology techs are staffed very tight on the weekends. A key shift, 3-11 PM on Saturday needs 2 techs but one has called in sick. The unit manager is spending valuable time calling on a list he or she keeps on a clipboard. But what if…. what if there was a tech who staffs an nearby orthopedic clinic on weekdays who is wanting to work extra shifts (for whatever reason)? How would the manager know of this?

What if there was an easy to use, cost effective platform specifically built for this purpose? A tech may have already posted that they would like to work an extra shift or what if, once the need has arisen, it got posted and all the techs in the community got notified of the need? Think of the time it would save. Or the productivity lost if the shift went unfilled. Or the cost if you had to engage an agency to fill the slot at the last minute.

Pro Schedule Match is a new application that enables organizations and their employees to craft schedules, organize changes, and maximize efficiencies in a new way. By linking all like staff spread across your system, and your community, whether across the street, across town, or wherever, Pro Schedule Match will break down the enterprise, facility, and location based silos, allowing flow of people throughout.

PSM is a new way to create and expand your float pool so that it engages all of your employees and existing per diem staff, as well as potential new per diem staff in order to maximize efficiencies, keep your shifts filled, and allow your employees to fill spots that they would like to trade off. This is a way to do more with less, utilizing existing resources efficiently and minimizing waste in your system. How great is that?

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