New Onset Diabetes in Commercial Drivers

I want to be sure I understand the correct decision in the case of a
positive urinary glucose.

If a 45 year old man, BMI 29, BP 135/85, 20/30 vision in both eyes, hears a
whisper at 10 feet, and has a qualifying physical exam, no history of

Has glucose on dip urinalysis
Has a blood sugar of 250 on finger stick glucose

Then they could be qualified for 1 year
and I would advise the person to be evaluated for diabetes.

Is this correct?

Yes, the driver you describe would be appropriately given a one year certification with instructions to follow up with his PMD for further evaluation and possible treatment.  You would also counsel the driver as to complications that may arise from untreated diabetes, including those which may render him unqualified to drive a commercial vehicle.


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