OSHA Recordable Injuries

Not every worker’s comp case you see has to be an “OSHA Recordable” which drives your client’s costs up. Learn the techniques you can apply to appropriately treat a case as “First Aid” according to OSHA. Your clients will thank you for it and your patients will actually get better faster!

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OSHA Recordable Injuries


When to treat as "First Aid"

In appropriate cases, limit treatment to “first aid” according to OSHA, rendering the case non-recordable

Keep Healthy Workers Working

Avoid prescribing inappropriate off duty or modified duty restrictions, Avoid unnecessary time loss for these minor cases

Reduce OSHA Recordable injuries for your employer clients

Become an invaluable resource to your employer clients

Recordable or Non-Recordable?

Case 1: A woman is using a curling iron in the ladies lounge at the workplace before starting her shift. She sustains a small burn to her neck, which she does not seek treatment for. Is it recordable?

Case 2: An employee spilled a cleaning solution on his sleeve. He felt a burning sensation on his arm, so went to the washroom to rinse off the shirt and wash his arm. He did not notice any burn or rash on his arm. However, he fainted and hit his head on the sink which needed sutures. Recordable?

Case 3: An employee sprains an ankle while descending some stairs carrying a file box at work. You diagnose a grade I sprain, apply an elastic wrap and air stirrup, prescribe Ibuprofen 200mg tid, and return him to full duty at his desk job the same day. Recordable?
Case 4: A woman cuts her finger while opening boxes in the office where she works. You repair the wound with surgical adhesive, protect it with a plastic finger guard, and return her to full duty with no restrictions the same day. Recordable?

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Which employers are affected?


What must they record?


Addressing employer concerns


Determining work relatedness


Volunteer and personal activities at work


On or Off premises

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John Jurica
MD Medical Director, PromptMed Urgent Care

“I just finished the course on OSHA Recordables. It really helped clarify some issues for me. I was assuming certain events were NOT recordable, but I was WRONG. My clients will be happy to see that I can reduce the number of recordables by following the guidelines provided in the course. I can’t wait to check out the course on sleep apnea for DOT examinations next.”

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The 7 Recording criteria you must know


Which days to count as lost time


What's considered "restricted duty"


The 14 "First Aid" criteria


Which injections are recordable, which are not


When OTC meds are STILL recordable

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