Occmed Services Market Analyzer

Employee base and projected revenues

Are you getting your share of occupational medicine services in your practice?  What’s the dollar volume potential?  What do you need to do to get it?  Find out here.


Here are some common questions we get from our consulting clients:

  1. Should we start a new occupational medicine service line?
  2. What’s the revenue potential for our practice for occupational services?
  3. Does it make sense to hire a sales rep for occmed services?
  4. How should we compensate our sales staff?
  5. How do we measure success of our sales efforts?

Here’s how to figure this out:


The first step in the analysis is to get a visual map of employees in your market area.

Next we’ll look at the types of industries present:

Employee counts by industry. Break that number down by industry.   Determine injury incident rates for each industry. Calculate the number of new injuries expected by industry. Determine the number of follow up visits, physicals, drug screens and other services

Then after we do our competitive analysis we’ll determine your market share and a financial projection of your potential annual revenues from occupational medicine services.  Incident rates are calculated using the specific industry mix in your area.

 Compare potential revenues with your current revenues. Any shortfall is your upside opportunity.

But it doesn’t stop there.  You’ll also get:

  • Provider and staff hours needed to accommodate the increased volume
  • An 18 month ramp up projection of adding those increased revenues to your practice
  • Profit & Loss analysis.  
  • This makes it easy to determine your sales and marketing budget you should allocate to attain these increased revenues.

Full Report

Report and consultation with Dr. Earl on recommendations for next steps

Click on images for sample report pages:

Only $2750 per location!

“Your service has been amazing!  
We were struggling to grow the business. We had hit a wall and business had stayed the same over last year.
With strong competitors in our market, we really needed to understand what our market share potential was, and we got it with the Occmed Analyzer report.  
Then we started the telemarketing campaign (multiplier) and I can hardly keep up with the new business!  31 new client appointments in just a few weeks!
This has been a big win for our practice, thanks very much!”
George Webster, BSA CareXpress, Amarillo, TX
George Webster

BSA CareXpress

“Your data around employer and occupational health data has been invaluable!

We have been working to grow our employer relationships within our service area.

We have been able to evaluate our market share potential with the Occmed Analyzer report.

Dr. Earl, especially, has provided a value added service with providing detailed data.”

Amy Graham

VP, Strategy and Innovation, FirstHealth of the Carolinas

Here are some recent Occmed Analyzer results

Small rural hospital in Ohio

Serving employed population of 24,300 with a 77% market share

Over $200,000 new potential revenues!

Rural hospital in Minnesota

Employed population of 88,405 with predicted 80% market share

Half a million left on the table!

Rural Ohio outpatient occmed center

$100k to go after

Ohio Metro area occmed clinic

$73,000 new annual revenues

6 suburban Virginia urgent care chain

No or minimal occmed or work comp revenues, this is their total opportunity:

$1,284,900 per year!

What if we don't provide occupational medicine services yet?

No problem!  This is the perfect analysis to show you if you should!  If we find a significant opportunity and you’ve been thinking about adding or expanding occmed services, we can help you with that too.  Everything from setting up your services, training your providers and staff, equipment needs, billing, software, sales & marketing, you name it.

What if we have multiple centers?

Analyze all your locations to determine where your limited resources should be allocated.  You want to know where there is a considerable upside opportunity before you add staff, equipment, training and sales & marketing expenses.

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