$2500 per location

Are you getting your share of occupational medicine services in your practice?  What's the dollar volume potential?  What do you need to do to get it?  Find out here.

Here are some common questions we get from our consulting clients:

  1. Should we start a new occupational medicine service line?
  2. What's the revenue potential for our practice for occupational services?
  3. Does it make sense to hire a sales rep for occmed services?
  4. How should we compensate our sales staff?
  5. How do we measure success of our sales efforts?

Here's how to figure this out:

  • Step 1: OccMed Market Analysis

    Visual map of employees in your market area. Determine your market area. Find the number of employees in your market area.

  • Step 2: Work Profile Analysis

    Employee counts by industry. Break that number down by industry Determine injury incident rates for each industry. Calculate the number of new injuries expected by industry. Determine the number of follow up visits, physicals, drug screens and other services

  • Step 3: Determine Revenue Potential Market Share

    Calculate the total dollar amount of revenues this population would be expected to generate for each of these services. Perform a competitive analysis. Determine your potential market share. Divide the total amount of revenues by your potential market share. These are your expected potential revenues. Compare potential revenues with your current revenues. Any shortfall is your upside opportunity.

(data intentionally obscured-proprietary calculations)
  • Step 4: Staffing Requirements

    Determine provider and staffing requirements and other expenses to serve the increased patient load

  • Step 5: Determine your Profit & Loss potential

    Prepare a potential profit and loss statement. Prepare an 18 month financial projection reflecting all the data collected.

Only $2500 per location!

The Occmed Analyzer

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    Report and Free Consultation with recommendations on next steps

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Once we compare the potential revenue market share to your existing revenue for these services, we'll know the additional potential occmed revenues you should be getting in your practice.

If significant, the next step is to create a business project and marketing plan with a reasonable budget.  We'll discuss this with you in your free consultation after we perform the analysis.


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