We're So Busy Why Aren't We Making any Money?

Welcome to the Occmed Booster Dooster Workshop!

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This is where we’ll

Analyze your market

Get More New Clients

Get the Entire Staff to Participate

Make More Money


Course Schedule:

Week 1:

  • Module 1 presentation where you’ll learn to conduct your own occmed analysis
  • Over the first week you’ll fill in spreadsheet with your employer demographics and competition to arrive at “your numbers”

Week 2:

  • Online Individual or Small Group sessions (max 6-8 participants).  You’ll present your findings, review with Dr. Earl

Week 3:

  • Kicks off Module 2 – presentation on how to compile your prospect lists and target segments.  We’ll also cover:
    • Telemarketing scripts
    • CRM options – Customer Relationship Management software – to keep communication and tracking in order
  • Clinic manager/Sales Staff will now have access to online sales & marketing strategies and tactics training
    • Start the 52 week action plan

Week 4:

  • Continue Module 2 – presentation on Provider After Hours Calls
    • What to say – Script
    • When to call
    • Call to Action – What you want them to do
  • Communication with Employers – Culture & Attitude
  • Front Desk Training & Education

Week 5:

  • Start Module 3 with the Clinic Tour – script for each staff member
  • Closing the sale
  • A couple of surprises
  • Supplementary Services
The Dooster is a great program, I am going to watch and re-watch the Dooster all weekend.
The marketing is brilliant. Sales-force. sales genie, clinic tours, phone calls is all new to me.
I will email you on Tuesday with more comments  after more study. 
I highly recommend this program to anyone who is not anywhere near my practice location!
Dan Munier, DC

Garland Physical Medicine Center