NRCME Ruling

The national registry ruling addresses 4 NTSB recommendations for a more comprehensive medical oversight program for interstate drivers:

The first is that driver medical examiners are qualified and educated about occupational issues of commercial driving.  (We’ll talk about required training elements in an upcoming newsletter).

Have you ever failed a driver, only to have him go to his family doctor to get certified?  The second recommendation is to establish a tracking mechanismthat ensures that every prior application for medical certification by a driver is recorded and reviewed.  This will prevent so-called “doctor shopping” and require drivers to be compliant with medical recommendations.

Third, periodic updating of medical certification recommendations , enabling examiners to clearly determine whether drivers with certain conditions should be issued a medical certificate.

And Finally, medical examiners will have specific guidance and readily available resources for questions arising out of commercial driver exams.

Certified Medical Examiner Training

During your NADME training, we’ll give you that specific guidance and you’ll have the resources you need to competently and confidently evaluate commercial drivers for medical certification.


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Best Regards,

Lawrence Earl, MD
Medical Director, NADME
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