• What I’ve got for you

    We’ll walk through the entire new DOT form and the certificate, highlighting all the changes and what that means for both the examiner and the driver.

  • You'll Learn

    How to fill out the new DOT form & certificate

  • Determination Pending

    When to use "determination pending"

  • 45 day expiration

    What happens after the 45 days expires with "determination pending"

  • Determination Pending

    We’ll cover the new “determination pending” option and explain the 45 day rule. Then we’ll go through the new certificate, including the rules on reducing the form to smaller sizes.

  • Sleep Apnea

    New questions about sleep apnea in commercial drivers

  • Filling out the DOT Certificate

    Avoid mistakes, and angry calls from drivers, motor carriers and DMV!


    Answers to tough DOT exam questions!

Avoid Costly Mistakes on these forms!

Your clients - drivers and motor carriers, rely on you to be the expert as a certified medical examiner.  Take this course and you will have the confidence in knowing you are conducting your exams and filling in the exam form and certificate properly.

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  • Joseph Soler, MD
    The Video on the New DOT Form was GREAT. It answered all my questions. Particularly the Determination Pending Section. The video can be paused, rolled back, and a segment viewed again – Excellent. Well worth it.
    Joseph Soler, MD

These Questions Answered

Just some of the question we'll answer in this class...

  • Is a medical record number required on the DOT Medical examination form MCSA 5875?
  • What if the driver’s current address doesn’t match the address on his/her license?
  • What do we do when a driver selects “not sure” in the medical history section?
  • What date goes in the “red box”, the medical examiners nrcme expiration or the drivers certification expiration?
  • Is it true that a commercial driver can now be issued sequential 3 month certifications?
  • When do we use “determination pending” vs giving a “temporary” certification?
  • Should the driver pay for another exam when returning for “determination pending” or after getting a 3 month certificate?
  • If the driver returns to the office after a “determination pending” and the original examiner is not on duty that day, can another examiner in the office sign off on the certificate?
  • The blood pressure chart has been removed, can drivers now be certified if their BP is a couple of points higher than 140/90?


  • Case study: 55 year old male who had a dissecting aortic aneurysm 10 yrs ago surgically repaired. Hypertension. Drink 3-4 beers every evening. He had his uvula, tonsils, and adenoids removed 8 yrs ago because of OSA.  Overnight pulse ox dropped to 77%. Waiting for sleep study to be done. Abdominal US shows no aneurysm presently. Echo shows Grade 3 moderate to severe diastolic dysfunction with reduced left ventricular systolic function with EF of 40-50%.
  • When is it mandatory to send for sleep studies?
  • Patient has a DOT exam by one physician in office and is told to return after problem is evaluated or fixed. The original physician is on vacation when the patient returns. Can another certified provider sign the medical card?
  • Just understanding when to use federal vs state DOT exam form. Drivers don’t always know (even tho they should)
  • Should we recommend a recent PT/INR for patients with atrial fibrillation?
  • Can we reduce the DOT certificate to the “wallet size” we’ve always done before?
  • Dennis Schultz MD MSPH FACOEM
    Just listened to the presentation. I was quite impressed. And after OM residency, boarding and 30 years or so of practice, i’ve followed FMCSA regs for awhile. And I’ve heard my share of presentations on driver exams. I must say, yours was excellent. Style and content both spot on. What I thought was particularly useful about the presentation is that it had information of value to old timers like me… as well as the newbies. Well done. I work in a system with a bunch of primary care docs. I’m about to send a reminder about the changes in process. I’ll include a link to your presentation in case anyone wants a refresher.
    Dennis Schultz MD MSPH FACOEM
  • Brian Rogers DO, MPH, FAAUCM Medical Director IMED Physicians Network
    I thought it was Great! Thanks so much. I watched it along with my head MA. If I am Commander of our Clinic system he is my Master Chief. You answered our questions on the new forms. As always you are the wise Jedi Master. Thanks Again Larry
    Brian Rogers DO, MPH, FAAUCM Medical Director IMED Physicians Network
  • Julie Shoemake, FNP
    Thank you so much for the great information your guidance in yesterday's webinar!
    Julie Shoemake, FNP
  • Terri Behl, PA-C/MPAS Rural Medical Clinic, Freeman, SD
    I appreciate your taking the time to provide us with details on the new examination forms. I felt I was pretty certain on how to complete the forms, but was questioning the “determination pending” section. You did a great job of helping me understand it. Thank you and I am sure I will be interested in future Webinar training.
    Terri Behl, PA-C/MPAS Rural Medical Clinic, Freeman, SD

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