I have a trucking industry that utilizes an Occ Health Clinic.  There is certified DOT medical examiner that does not enter his National Registry # on the Medical Examiner’s Certificate.  Nothing can be found in the regulations that states he  must enter his #.   If a health card is reviewed by law enforcement will this be a violation?

This is found in the “Complete Guide to Medical Examiner Certification”

Removal from the National Registry 
FMCSA may remove a medical examiner from the National Registry when the medical examiner fails to meet or maintain the qualifications outlined in this Guide, the requirements of other Federal regulations applicable to the medical examiner, or does not meet the requirements of 49 U.S.C. 31149.
Reasons for Removal 
The reasons for removal may include, but are not limited to:
•  Failure of the medical examiner to comply with the requirements for continued listing on the National Registry as described in this Guide.
•  FMCSA discovers that the medical examiner has made errors or omissions or finds other indications of improper certification in either the completed Medical Examination Reports or medical examiner’s certificates.
•  FMCSA determines that the medical examiner issued a medical examiner’s certificate to an operator of a CMV who failed to meet the applicable standards at the time of the examination.
•  Failure of the medical examiner to comply with FMCSA driver examination requirements.
•  Failure of the medical examiner to complete training in physical and medical examination

Not filling in the certificate entirely may be considered an error of omission.  I find nothing that indicates a driver would be fined or cited if the examiner doesn’t fill in this information.
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