FMCSA has recently issued an advisory bulletin on Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), indicating that it falls under the respiratory dysfunction standard, and as such, prohibits medical qualification of a commercial driver with such a condition when it is likely to interfere with the safe operation of a commercial motor vehicle.

OSA remains under-recognized, under-diagnosed and mismanaged in the commercial driver population. Medical Examiners can follow evidence based guidelines presented here to form a rationale approach to the identification, evaluation and management of OSA in commercial drivers.

  • Overview of the problem

    How driver sleepiness leads to fatal and disabling crashes

  • Avoid Liability

    Don't be the examiner who certifies an unqualified driver with sleep apnea

  • Evidence based

    We'll review all the pertinent literature and Medical Expert opinions to date

  • Screening

    How to identify drivers at risk and in need of further evaluation, it's not just about BMI

  • Testing

    Home sleep testing vs Sleep Lab Polysomnography - when to order which

  • Interpretation of Testing

    What criteria to determine treatment, what information you need from a sleep specialist

  • Certification

    When to disqualify, limits on medical qualification, when to follow up

  • Determine Compliance

    Know when the driver is properly treated and compliant and can get back on the road

Don't Put Sleepy Drivers on the Road!

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Bonus Content

  • Slide Handouts

    Full pdf of all the slides

  • "Official" Research to Date

    FMCSA Bulletin, Joint task force statement, MEP reports, MRB-MCSAC report


    Survey for drivers

  • Algorithm

    Evaluation and Management flowchart

  • Letter to Motor Carriers

    Explain your program to your clients

  • Sample clinic policy

    Policy & Procedure for conducting your program