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DOT/Commercial Drivers

If you’re very health oriented or want to learn a lot about what medical examiners do or should be doing, you can certainly join the NRCME Seminar series.  It is geared for medical examiners but no reason you wouldn’t come away with great insights after every session, and checkup on your medical examiner to make sure they are doing it right!

Check out the DOT blog topics here.

Get an Audit of your DOT exams here, again, make sure your providers are doing it right.

Occupational Medicine/Workers Compensation

Much of my career has been in these areas.  I have consulted for hundreds of employers regarding employment related physicals, workers compensation injury care, on-site clinics, travel health for execs traveling internationally, health and wellness fairs, and many other topics.

Read some blog articles related to occupational medicine and work comp.

Get an audit of your respirator exams here.

If you need a one-on-one consult with me, we can do it via chat here or with a phone consult here.  I can advise you on any aspect of your medical program.

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