You Have a Product or Service to Sell

Would you like to access my network of several thousand doctors, PAs, NPs, DOT Examiners, and Urgent care and occupational medicine practice managers, administrators and owners?


First, I need to completely understand what it is and decide if it’s a good fit and exceptional value for my audience.  They rely on me to bring only relevant products and services that will impact their practice in a positive way.  We must be able to show a positive ROI.
I am not looking for any “quality improvement”, educational/training or other services practices “should have” because it will improve their quality of care.  That just doesn’t sell.  It has to bring in more patients, add services, or be less expensive than something they’re using now.  Or solve some other real source of pain.
Let me give you an example.
A guy approached me at a conference I was speaking at a while back and wanted me to help promote his product for creating negative pressure in exam rooms through some ceiling ventilation device so it would decrease the rate of infections transmitted in the exam room.
No one is going to buy that and I told him so.
Mid adult Hispanic male wearing lab coat shrugging, isolated on white background
There’s no regulation for it, it is solving a non-problem, i.e. there is no perception anywhere I’ve seen of an epidemic of infections transmitted in the urgent care exam room.  (It may even be happening, but there is no perception of a problem here).
And it brings no revenue.  Only cost.
Referring patients out for other services is also very difficult to sell.  Again, most times the practice cannot share in the revenue stream unless they perform some actual service before making the referral, e.g. a screening test they can charge for or some other procedure required before the referral.  We can still market these type of services if they are truly needed, but tougher to get traction.


Second, please do not ask me to promote anything on a “commission-only” basis.  I get too many requests for this and there is no way I would be able to spend the adequate amount of time and energy required to come up with a marketing campaign specific to my audience.  This includes emails, a landing page, a video/webinar, an offer, follow up emails, posting on my social media channels and answering questions.
I will work with you as a consultant to bring your product to urgent care, occupational medicine and primary care practices.  I will require a retainer to put together the campaign strategy plus a percentage of the proceeds from any sales from my network.  There are a couple different packages I will present to you if your application is approved.

The Plan

The minimum retainer is $4000 against a negotiated $ per lead which we’ll determine together, and includes, at a minimum:

  • Several kick start calls with you to understand the product in detail, your sales goals, the competition
  • Test calls and/or presentations to some of my best clients and colleagues to assess viability and determine early objections
  • Plan and develop a marketing campaign, as above
    • email sequence to existing clients, and to my affiliate network to reach well over 10,000 people targeted in urgent care, occmed, DOT exams and primary care.
    • paid search if applicable – I will help determine “long tail” keywords we can rank for or which cost less
  • social media posts to my twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages/groups
  • develop a landing page
  • develop a video sales letter (VSL) – either from scratch or I will do an intro, then your canned or newly recorded presentation/webinar, then I will close with an offer.  This can be entirely recorded and evergreen as below, or we can do a live version first then record evergreen.
  • Follow up emails
  • Based on the success of the above, rinse and repeat or leave in an evergreen state with new prospects coming into the entire sales funnel all the time.

Here is an example of a recent video/webinar we did for our allergy partner:  Allergy Testing & Treatment
And for our exam software partner:  3bExam Demo
We use email marketing automation to our targeted lists to lead them to the video/webinar:

And here are some other video sales/landing pages:
So if I haven’t scared you away and you’ve got the perfect product or service for urgent care, occupational medicine or primary care practices, tell me what’s so great about it here: