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How to Boost Occmed Sales


We’ve got tons of ways to drive your occupational medicine, work comp and DOT exam business


Front Desk CDL checks


This is one of the quickest, most effective ways to increase your DOT exams through internal marketing.

  • Turn your front desk into a marketing machine for DOT exams
  • Increase DOT exams by as much as 30%
  • Complete procedure provided
  • Front desk staff scripts
  • How to track results

And it’s FREE! Try it here – our gift to you– (free DOTmentor.net membership required)

DOT Exam Prospects

Not just your area trucking companies, truck driving schools, motor carriers, bus companies and more.  We get the emails and phone numbers of the high level execs who make the decisions about where to send their DOT exams.

50-200 contacts depending on on how far out you want to go.  Generally a max. 20-30 minute drive time is reasonable.

BONUS:  Telemarketing calling script for your sales staff

DOT Exam Prospects

Occmed Booster Dooster


Our 5 week occupational medicine sales and marketing workshop, recorded to view at your leisure.  Except once you start you won’t feel leisurely, you’ll want to put these proven techniques into play asap.

We cover everything:

  • Occmed market analysis
  • Build your prospect list
  • Communication with Employers for providers and staff
  • Occmed culture and attitude training for staff
  • Telemarketing scripts and setting up your CRM
  • Clinic tour – the right way
  • Closing the sale

Occmed Market Analyzer

Are you getting your share of occupational medicine services in your practice?  What’s the dollar volume potential?  What do you need to do to get it?  Find out here.

Occmed Market Analyzer

Occmed Telemarketing Campaign


Our top-of-the-line occupational medicine marketing service.

We do the prospecting and segment the list of area employers into the “A, B and C” prospects.  Then we concentrate on the high value prospects and begin our calling program.

We’ll find out about your reputation, the competition and what it will take to get prospective employer clients to come for a clinic tour so you can seal the deal.  Or we’ll “warm” the lead and send them to your sales staff.

This highly effective telemarketing program can stand alone, or combine with the Occmed Market Analyzer to define your market, the competition, market share and upside opportunity.

Campaigns are 6 or 12 month duration.


Telemarketing Campaign


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