Medical Examiners - Now that you've properly identified which drivers should be referred for DOT Sleep Apnea testing, it can still be frustrating figuring out where to send them. Do you have a good home testing vendor set up? Lose track of them once you make the referral? Not getting timely reports on their testing and treatment progress?

Motor Carriers - Need a reliable, evidence based DOT Sleep Apnea program? Want a compliance report every 90 days to keep your drivers healthy and your trucks safe?

We can manage that whole DOT Sleep Apnea process for you through our partnership with Clevemed and the Sleepview program.

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  • Home Sleep Apnea Testing

    We'll contact the driver, mail monitor, provide all support, manually score the study

  • Low Cost Testing Fee

    We bill the driver or motor carrier

  • Sleep Specialist Interpretation

    Consult for treatment options arranged

  • Telemedicine Visit with Sleep Specialist

    Coming soon!

  • Communication

    Medical Examiners - You get the consultation reports you need to make a certification determination

  • Quality Assured

    Exceeds American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) guidelines for home sleep testing

  • Sleep Apnea Online Course Reimbursement

    Course is provided free for active users of this service

  • Compliance Reports

    Motor carriers - get a report every 90 days to keep drivers healthy and your trucks safe!

  • Chain of Custody

    Tamper-proof "ID-Check" Sensor authentication

Sleep Apnea Management

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