Following the Rules

Are your providers following all applicable rules, regulations and guidelines?  Are they medically clearing unsafe drivers causing public safety issues and liability for your organization?

Even seasoned certified medical examiners in occmed practices don't always perform DOT Physical exams properly.

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Employers/Motor Carrier clients must be able to rely on medical examiners to deliver consistent, accurate certification determinations for DOT Physical Exam programs so they can conduct their operations and manage their drivers in a safe and compliant manner.

Employers and Medical providers - This audit will identify problems with your DOT Physical exam procedures and offer corrective measures.


Mistakes on DOT Physical Exams

There are several areas where mistakes are made:

  • Technical issues

    Like the DOT Physical Exam form just not being filled out properly, Drivers not filling in complete history information or signing off on the attestation, All sections of the form and certificate completely filled in as required by staff and examiner

  • Medical Issues

    Medical history items not commented on by provider, Medical conditions not properly addressed or needed tests & consults not ordered, Making the distinction between "rules or regulations" vs "guidelines & recommendations", Risk factors not identified - particularly Obstructive Sleep Apnea, ADA issues not properly considered

  • Determination / Certification Issues

    Improper or inappropriate determinations, Lack of use or inappropriate use of "Determination pending," Inappropriate Certification intervals

How can you be sure your examiners are doing a good job?

Get a DOT Physical Exam Audit!

Here's What You'll Get:

  • Review of your last 10 DOT Physical Exams

    One or several examiners or locations - recommend 10 for each examiner

  • Audit Results Worksheet

    At-a-Glance overview of trouble spots - example here:


  • Reliabiity

    Audits performed by Dr. Earl - Medical Director for the the National Academy of DOT Medical Examiners (, 30+ yrs experience in urgent care and occupational medicine, personally performed thousands of DOT Physical exams

  • Narrative Report

    Highlighting all deficiencies, corrective action or additional training recommendations

DOT Physical Exam Audit

10 examination audit.  That's 10 examinees' MCSA 5875 Exam form and MCSA 5876 Certificate.  You'll get a full report.


See below for more options

10 Exam Audit
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    Brian Rogers DO, MPH, FAAUCM, Medical Director IMED Physicians Network
  • Dr. Earl's expertise in developing needed components of our program was invaluable. I would highly recommend him for all workplace health and medical needs. He has been a subject matter expert and we have been privileged to work with him and his team
    Karen Szelest Director Human Resources, Ohaus
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    I have known Larry for over 20 years and consider him the most knowledgeable and experienced urgent care physician in the country ... an outstanding clinician, a wonderful communicator with patients, and a leader ... a thoughtful approach to occupational medicine and managed care
    Ernie Biczak, MD EVP Sales, Novasom
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    Matt Flynn VP Operations, Concentra
10 DOT Exam Audit

At-a-Glance audit worksheet plus full narrative report with corrective actions and additional training recommendations

Quarterly 10 exam audit - 20% discount!

Great for multiple centers or providers

I'm an employer and use an occupational medicine specialist for our exams, do I need this service?

Unfortunately, even in occmed focused practices we see inconsistent examination results.  Having a third party provide an unbiased review is a wise Q&A process on a periodic basis. 

Can't our Medical Director do this?

In many cases, yes.  Having it done by a third party assures it is unbiased and objective, so a "spot check" never hurts!

Does it matter if we are or work with a large multi-site occupational medicine practice?

Dr. Earl has done these audits for small independent practices and as a consultant for Concentra, so any size practice should have an objective outside audit periodically.

Do you provide training for our staff?

We have online training for providers for certified medical examiner programs, other urgent care and occmed topics, and feature other partners and resources to provide additional training.

What information do we need to send for you to conduct our audit?

You'll get an email after you submit your order requesting the documentation needed.  If you're an employer, you'll need to forward this to your medical provider.

Is it HIPAA compliant?

Documentation is submitted to a HIPAA compliant secure folder.

How soon will I get the report?

These can usually be scheduled quickly with your report available in just a few days.

What if I have other questions before ordering this audit?

No problem, you can schedule a quick call here or ask me anything here:

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