Following the Rules

Are your providers following all applicable rules, regulations and guidelines?  Are they medically clearing unsafe drivers causing public safety issues and liability for your organization?

Even seasoned certified medical examiners in occmed practices don’t always perform these exams properly.

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Mistakes on DOT Exams

There are several areas where mistakes are made:

  • Technical issues, like the form just not being filled out properly
    • Drivers not filling in complete history information or signing off on the attestation
    • All sections of the form and certificate completely filled in as required by staff and examiner
  • Medical Issues
    • Medical history items not commented on by provider
    • Medical conditions not properly addressed or needed tests & consults not ordered
    • Making the distinction between “rules or regulations” vs “guidelines & recommendations”
    • Risk factors not identified – particularly Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Determination / Certification Issues
    • Improper or inappropriate determinations
    • Lack of use or inappropriate use of “Determination pending”
    • Inappropriate Certification intervals

How can you be sure your examiners are doing a good job?  

Get a DOT Exam Audit!

Here is an example of a DOT audit worksheet:


Plus you get a full narrative report summarizing each audit, with recommendations for resolution of deficiencies or generally improved best practices.