Examiners:  Help keep our supply lines functioning by supporting our nations truckers


In doing Covid-19 prep planning an issue is dealing with Covid-19 symptomatic long haul truck drivers while over the road away from home. Most will self-isolate in their truck.
We are trying to identify truck stop based or other clinic locations with adjacent truck parking. We will have a web based list for drivers.
Our general information will include CDC guidance on not going to clinics but to call and get instructions. We will also be setting up welfare checks for drivers self isolating in their truck.
In starting the list we are quickly learning some truck stop based clinics are ready and stocked up in preparation for an increase in patients.  Others are not and in fact will divert symptomatic drivers to other facilities.
One hope in expanding our list is reaching out to the DOT medical examiner community.
Please sign in here with your availability for exams, sick visits, parking/accessibility and breath alcohol testing.  We will post these in a new directory for truckers and stakeholders.
Thanks for your assistance!

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