COVID-19 Self Assessment Website Triage Tool

Add a COVID-19 triage tool to your site, and customize it with information about your telemedicine and COVID-19 services and protocols.

With this tool, you will direct more patients to your practice, spend less time answering questions on the phone, and help keep your staff healthy and safe.

Benefits of the COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool

  • Reliable Content – uses the core logic and recommendations from the CDC assessment tool and guidelines
    • Tool is monitored and updated by Dr. Earl
    • Easily customized by practice specialty and location
  • Promote Your Services – where appropriate, promote your services and explain your new workflow by including practice-specific details, such as:
    • your phone number
    • link to online scheduling
    • link to telemedicine scheduling
    • any other resources you want to promote
  • Flexible Integration – can be integrated directly into any existing WordPress website OR built on a standalone site using a subdomain such as “”. For example, see  


Add the assessment to your website to begin driving more traffic to your online check-in and telemedicine offerings.

Try the COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool Yourself:

Any of the content in the assessment can be customized for your needs. 

COVID-19 Self Assessment – DEMO

Get Your Custom Assessment Now


If you don’t have a WordPress site, or you’d prefer to keep the Assessment Tool separate from your site for any reason, we can work with you to set up and host a sub-domain, such as The sub-domain option requires that you can add a record to your website DNS settings, and has an add-on fee of $75/year. This is the fastest option as long as you have access to your DNS settings.