Slash Medical and Prescription Drug Costs for a Healthier, more Productive Workforce

 Breakthrough analytics reveals both the known costs and hidden risks in your employee/group population

I’m Dr. Larry Earl and I’ve worked with employers for over 35 years to keep their employees healthy and to get their injured workers safely back on the job.

We all know how frustrating it’s been to see our health care costs race out of control every year.

Now I’ve discovered a method to peel back the reasons for your escalating medical and pharmacy expenses and finally be able to do something about it.


Why Work with Dr. Earl?

36 years owning and operating urgent care & occ med centers

Consultant for billion dollar health care organizations

Consultant to hundreds of employers

Brings best of breed analytics and health care intervention strategies


The Corporate Health Profile

We use business intelligence and predictive analytical tools to identify the health risks and medical cost drivers for your employee population.

We do this with information you already have access to through your medical and pharmacy claims data.

And best of all, it’s FREE*


*for qualified employers/groups

Not Just Data, Action


This breakthrough process not only gauges risk for high cost utilization, but also predicts the likelihood of wellness or disease management interventions being successful.

This allows you to make better decisions about which interventions to deploy and when.




Per member per month DECREASE in medical costs


DECREASE inpatient hospital admissions


DECREASE hospital days


REDUCTION in Emergency Dept visits


DECREASED Outpatient Procedures

Interventions that Work

Health & Wellness Programs

Behavioral Health

Musculoskeletal Fitness

Disease Management – Cardiac, Pulmonary, Diabetes, Obesity

Pharmacy Benefits Management

Incredible Drug Cost Savings!

Here’s an example proforma of annual savings for a 70,000 member group


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