Help Your Employees & Students Get Back to Work & School Safely

Reopening for business safely can seem daunting to an employer. While there is much written guidance (CDC), many employers are seeking a consultative approach from medical providers.

Employees want to be assured their worksite is as safe as possible.

Our programs include an onsite or virtual occupational medicine consultation to create protocols and alleviate concerns.

Screening technology automates safety protocols and guides employees requiring additional medical attention to your employee health department or practice, or our telehealth solution.

Coronavirus Return to Work Consultation

Return To Work Education Sessions at your worksite or on a virtual consult with a goal to help navigate guidance being given by the CDC.

We’ll walk through how to set up the screening area at your business, the steps for screening, equipment needed and guidelines for handling employees who screen positive.

Most importantly, we’ll address any concerns you may have about workforce and worksite safety. 


Covid 19 Symptom Checker

Employees submit a symptom check survey every day before their shift on their smartphone or any web-enabled device.

HR views their dashboard and knows who’s coming in to work today, and who’s staying home.

The software can be configured to refer positive responses to your telehealth app or notify employee health to contact the worker for further triage and evaluation.


Automated Temperature Screener


This new technology allows for no touch temperature screening with facial recognition and infrared sensors.

 This can be set up on a desktop, e.g. security desk, a floor stand at an entrance to the facility or mounted on a wall.

A 2 second scan allows efficient screening for many employees or customers. 

More details of the temp scanner here

Sanitation Station

Can be coupled with camera solutions for monitoring purposes



Get on a Strategy Call With Us

Schedule a complimentary strategy call with us and we’ll outline our plan to bring employees or students back safely

Your Consultant

I’m Dr. Larry Earl and I’ve worked with employers for over 35 years to keep their employees healthy and to get their injured workers safely back on the job.

Now I work with health care provider organizations to bring their services to local employers.

We provide or connect you with practical resources and solutions to keep your school or workplace healthy.