This course is designed for the community marketer, sometimes also referred to as the community educator, for marketing for urgent care centers.  Ideally this is a dedicated position, but often times this role is taken on by clinic managers or other staff interested in representing and marketing the urgent care center in the community.

  • Traditional Marketing

    What still works in print, newspaper and other traditional advertising methods

  • Digital Marketing

    how to get the most out of your website, social media campaigns and review sites

  • Grassroots marketing

    Joining the chamber of commerce, participating in health fairs and community events, specific tactics for apartment complexes, schools, civic organizations and more!

  • Clinic Tours

    The right way to conduct tours for business and community leaders

  • Promotions

    Monthly and Seasonal promotions to tie in to national health observances

  • Tracking

    Keeping track of it all

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