Making health care services more accessible to patients is critical in any medical practice.

It improves the patient experience and increases visit volumes and, in turn, revenue.

One of our favorite ways to do this is with queueing technology software, allowing the patient to “get on line” for walk in centers or book an online appointment.

This will set your practice apart from the competition.

An example is the patient appointment scheduling software Check-Ins App.

Check-Ins App

checkins app logo


In a nutshell, Check-Ins is a patient scheduling system that allows patients to book their appointment easily.

That is either through the app or website.

It can also help in managing walk-ins, keeping all these details in one integrated system.

The Simple Platform

This platform started as an initial development project in 2015 for a client who specialized in urgent care. 

The objective was to develop a mobile application that one can use on Apple and Android devices.

This app can receive patient booking through an email queuing system.

The Improved App

During the 2017 flu season, the influx of patients exposed the vulnerabilities of the simple scheduling platform.

Thus, the creators reassessed the multiple facets of the patient flow process.

They improved the application’s design for a smoother and more streamlined experience.

The solution was born.

Who Is This Product For?

This application is perfect for urgent and emergency care centers that want to improve patient management and increase visit volumes.

Beyond this service’s target demographic, this app intends to enhance the patients’ experience, making the healthcare facilities more accessible.

Check-Ins also recently released a business version of their application.

It can help companies make health services more convenient for their employees.

That is especially important as they gear up to reopen amidst the current pandemic.

What’s Included?

A client can expect a white-labeled mobile application and online platform.

That means their patient scheduling system will be fully customized to their client’s brand instead of Check-Ins’.

Overview of Features

Here is a quick lineup of the main product features:

  • Easy Navigation

The main button is strategically placed on the landing page of the application.

That will allow patients to easily search the nearest urgent or emergency care facility using geo-location.

  • Patient Check-In Information

There is no need to fill up forms anymore, saving patients critical waiting hours.

They can fill up their demographic information in the application’s Contact Info page.

This also gives the facility initial information about their client ready for record management.

  • Check-In Status

Manage queues efficiently with the app’s check-in status feature.

It shows users their current place in line, together with details and directions for easy navigation in-location.

This feature will also provide driving directions via geo-location.

Users will also get current status updates if they have yet to arrive.

  • Smart Notifications

The patients will receive notifications via email, SMS, and voice message regarding their queue updates.

  • Easy Cancel

Aside from viewing their current queue status within the app, they can also remove themselves from the line.

All they have to do is tap the event they want to cancel.

  • Room Management Dashboard

Learn where your patients are within the facility and treatment process with the application’s room management dashboard.

It also allows your staff to mark each patient with ready, not ready, urgent, and hold statuses if needed.

  • System Integration

To enjoy a new platform, you’re usually required to start info entry from scratch.

The Check-Ins application allows for easy integration with existing electronic medical record systems.

It eliminates the need to input the data you’ve collected throughout the years. 

  • Patient Traffic Analytics

Gain insight into your current performance with data-based analytics.

It includes the total number of check-ins, mobile check-ins, walk-in check-ins, average waiting times, and more.


  • Impressive interface
  • Excellent user experience
  • Allows integration with existing online systems
  • Custom-designed
  • Self-service and automated features included


  • Physician and staff management not included

check-ins app review patient appointment scheduling software

How Does the Check-Ins Application Work?

Here’s a walkthrough of the application experience:

Your custom-branded Check-Ins application will be available for download through Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store.

  • Patient Utilizes the Geo-Location Feature To Find the Facility

The user must first allow the application to access the GPS features of the portable digital device.

As mentioned, opening the app will lead the patient to the main page with the search function front and center.

This will help them locate the urgent or emergency care facility nearest them.

  • Patient Inputs Information Through the Self-Service Contact Info Page

Depending on the location, the user will choose between multiple facilities that showed up in the search results.

Tapping on the chosen center will lead them to the Contact Info page.

Filling up the form will trigger the self-check-in feature.

  • Provision of the Check-In Details

Form completion will then lead the user to the Check-in Details page.

It will include three options: driving directions, appointment cancellation, and facility contact (via call).

It will also indicate the user’s current queue number.

  • Information Shared in Real-Time

Meanwhile, your staff will receive the patient info submitted through the mobile application in the facility’s Room Management Dashboard.

Walk-in patients can also be checked into the system through a kiosk or your center’s front desk.

Any existing patient information will also be available.

You can access it through the platform’s integration using your Electronic Medical Records Systems.

  • The Patient Arrives

When the patient arrives, their name and place in line will promptly be removed.

It will then be replaced with the next person in the queue.

The same goes if the patient decides to cancel their appointment.

On the other hand, you can drag and drop the information accordingly into rooms.

That is through the dashboard the moment the patient arrives in the facility. 

Your staff can then mark the name as Ready, Not Ready, Urgent, or On Hold.

  • The Patient Receives Notifications

The patient will then receive a voice prompt, email, or SMS message.

It will state that the doctor is ready to receive him or her.

  • The Check-Up Starts

The platform will time the length of each appointment for its analytics later on.

Meanwhile, the physician can add any necessary patient information into the platform for future reference.

  • Provide Access To Prescriptions

You can manage the prescription of your patient through SingleCare.

It is a separate platform that allows patients to compare prices between pharmacies.

That will help them determine the lowest available rates.

They also provide in-app coupons that have as much as 80% off on chosen products.

Patients can download the SingleCare app separately.

However, they will be pleased to learn that it is already integrated into Check-Ins’ system.

  • Analyze Results

Each appointment will be tracked, monitored, and recorded for the application’s analytics feature.

It will help you determine facility’s performance.

Likewise, it will identify any vulnerabilities of your current system that cause revenue loss.

check-ins app review patient appointment scheduling software

How To Make the Most of Your Check-Ins Application

Here are some tips to ensure you maximize the use of Check-Ins:

  • Use Online Marketing Campaigns

Marketing your application online, especially to your loyal patients is necessary to boost awareness of your new service.

Supplementing your app with digital marketing campaigns can certainly improve its reach.

It will also help increase the number of downloads and users.

  • Train Your Staff

You might need to train your staff on how to use this.

It will help you smoothly integrate this new system into your existing one.

  •  Prioritize Customer Assistance

It can be easy to neglect on-site customer assistance.

That is especially with the partly automated technology provided by Check-Ins.

Supplementing it with positive staff interaction is vital.

That is if you want to maximize this platform’s patient engagement benefits.

  • Always Provide Feedback

The application development team is always working on new features to improve their system.

You will enjoy such adjustments if you provide them with constructive feedback and stay notified with their updates.

In turn, it will further improve your and your patients’ experience.


Patient appointment scheduling systems are not new.

There is certainly other patient scheduling software out there worth looking into.

There are two in particular that we have found notably comparable with the Check-Ins app.


solv logo


Think of Solv as primarily a booking application to help patients locate nearby healthcare facilities.

It will also allow them to schedule virtual consultations and book same-day or next-day appointments.

They can do all those by filling out the online form.

The app’s goal is for patients to get immediate medical attention and skip unnecessary waiting lines.


Some of the great things about SolvHealth include:

  • Price Estimation and Coverage

Patients may also confirm their health coverage through the app.

They can also get a price estimate for any cost they need to pay out-of-pocket.

  • Partnership

Healthcare facilities, on the other hand, can sign up for partnership.

That will help them gain recognition within the application and integrate the Solv Health system with their existing program.

Solv certainly has its own merits with existing healthcare partners.

In fact, they have a 60% increase in their online bookings and a 97% patient loyalty score.


Solv also has its share of downsides, such as:

  • Non-Customizable

You can’t customize the mobile application to your brand. 

While others may argue that this is merely an aesthetics issue, we believe that this representation is crucial.

It’s important in establishing your brand’s reputation and legitimacy, especially for up-and-coming practices.

  • Lacks a Drag-and-Drop Feature

Another lacking feature is the drag and drop option.

That’s due to Solv’s AI integration that automates patient flow tracking on-site.

At times, manual intervention may be necessary to match a patient’s changing needs. 

Unfortunately, manual override via drag and drop is simply not available through Solv at the moment.

Clockwise MD

clockwise md logo

Source: Patient Engagement Software for Urgent Care

Clockwise MD is another similar platform seeking to create a more convenient patient booking experience. 

Like the previous patient scheduling software, it also allows health facilities to provide online scheduling and patient registration services.

It is also important to take note that Clockwise MD has recently changed its name to Experity.


Some of the best things about Clockwise are:

  • Simple Platform

The merits of Clockwise MD lies in the simplicity of their platform and its focus on reputation management.

They closely monitor patient satisfaction.

It seeks to mitigate negative experiences, build customer loyalty, and improve online ratings.

  • Smart Scheduling System

Another unique feature is its smart scheduling system.

It spreads reservations times throughout the day.

That will help balance patient traffic across peak and off-peak hours, providing a more comfortable patient experience.


There is no mention on their website if they provide a search feature.

It’s also unclear if they provide a white-label experience to their clients.

Patient Appointment Scheduling Systems Rundown

Various factors can cause a significant revenue loss, but time is the most critical element.

From failing to answer the phone after a couple of rings to poor queue management, it only shows that no one really wants to wait longer than necessary when it comes to health services.

Why Choose Check-Ins App?

The Check-Ins application has many features, outlined above, not matched by other products.

It is an online platform accessible through mobile or browser that can integrate into your existing electronic medical record system. 

It allows patients to search for urgent or emergency care centers nearest to them and book an appointment.

They can also move on to fill out their datasheet and save their queue in line.

That is even as they make their way to the clinic.

Driving directions are also conveniently provided within the platform.

Meanwhile, the facility’s dashboard gets updated in real-time.

It incorporates any patient-provided information that might not be in their records yet.

The result is a streamlined patient experience that boosts visit volume and profit.

Who Should Choose SolvHealth?

Those who want to take advantage of an existing database of facilities, even if it means sharing the platform with competitors, will find Solv Health a better option.

It is targeted towards patients more than facilities.

It also integrates health insurance checks and out-of-pocket fee estimates.

How About Clockwork MD? 

Those who want a more minimalistic platform will appreciate Clockwork MD.

It already provides you a foundational platform designed to improve positive customer ratings.