3 Decades of Urgent Care, Family Medicine and Occupational Medicine Experience to guide you.

I’ve owned and operated a couple dozen urgent care, family medicine and occupational medical centers since 1984. After I sold my last centers to Concentra, I spent the better part of a year training and mentoring physicians, nurse practitioners and PAs at Concentra locations all over the northeast in the ways of Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine.

It occurred to me that there was a body of knowledge related to these subjects that is not readily available nor consistently applied. Regulatory issues in the workplace are constantly creating new rules that affect how we care for our OccMed patients. Health care reform and the Affordable Care Act pose questions about the respective roles and responsibilities of urgent care centers in relation to primary care physicians, ERs, hospitals, specialists and of course health care payers.

Here you will find many questions, some answers and proven programs for dealing with all issues related to operating a successful urgent care center, occupational medicine center, employee health program, and even a family medicine practice.

If you are at all involved in occupational medicine, you undoubtedly need to be performing commercial driver physicals (“DOT” physicals). Make sure you know all about the NRCME-the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. You will need to get trained and certified in order to provide this service. (disclaimer–I am medical director of NADME.org, the National Academy of DOT Medical Examiners, providing this training online.)

Why our content is so valuable to readers like you

No matter if you’re thinking about opening a new urgent care or occmed center, looking to optimize your operations, wondering about adding that new service line, or almost any aspect of operating your practice or business, newbies and “old-timers” alike find value in the content we offer here.
Having an “owner mentality” let’s us give a unique perspective on building the business while serving the needs of our patients and clients.

I’ve used many of the services and products referred to on this site with success for many years.  You can save hours and dollars by taking advantage of that experience and getting right to action.

Here are some more areas we can help with or you can learn about on this site:

  • Location, real estate and space design.
  • Budgeting and financial analysis.  Do you know which payer contracts & business lines are profitable and which are losers?  I’ll tell you.
  • Equipment, supplies and services for your office/center (with significant savings).
  • Staffing, recruiting and retention.  How to calculate proper staffing levels.
  • Ancillary services – which should you be considering?
  • Service line enhancement – increase profitability with services your patients want.
  • Occmed programs – market analysis, service line selection, marketing, staff training
  • Marketing – full marketing plans, “grassroots” marketing, OccMed marketing & training for all.
  • Training – not available anywhere else! – marketing, occmed, DOT & new topics added constantly.
  • Hospital/Health system ownership/affiliation with urgent care – relationships and proforma development.
  • Technology – a special passion – from emr to patient engagement & project management
  • See more on our Services Page

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