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I’m Dr. Larry Earl (MD) and I’ve owned and operated multi-site, multi-state Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine centers for over 30 years.

Now I provide full time consulting and training for clients ranging from independent medical practices to billion dollar healthcare organizations.

We cover all aspects of urgent care, primary care and occupational medicine from strategy and design, sales & marketing, implementation and operational optimization.


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Medical practice strategy, startups, optimization, marketing, new service lines.  Large and small practices, hospitals, investors, and other healthcare companies.

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Learn from 30 years experience in urgent care, occupational and family medicine.  Providers, management and staff, newbies and old-timers alike find value here.

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Let’s talk about everything you need to make a successful practice that delights your patients and keeps them, and your bottom line, healthy.

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When we launched 3bExam – an electronic exam solution for medical examiners-in 2014, exhibiting at urgent care and occupational medicine conferences the first thing several people suggested was that “…we should talk to Larry Earl.”  

Since then, working with Larry has brought us to the doorstep of some major national clinic chains and health care systems we had previously been unsuccessful contacting.  

A recent webinar campaign to his network has produced a flood of interest resulting in multiple immediate sales with many more in the pipeline.  

Larry’s digital marketing expertise and methodology for planning the webinar, promoting and launching the campaign, and automating follow up are extremely effective.  In addition to attracting the right prospects, Larry’s reputation, integrity and credibility are unparalleled.

I highly recommend working with Larry for anyone wishing to bring valued services or products to the urgent care or occupational medicine market.

Rich Frye,

Founder, Bus Dev, 3bExam

I have known Larry for over 30 years and consider him the most knowledgeable and experienced urgent care physician in the country … an outstanding  clinician, a wonderful communicator with patients, and a leader … a thoughtful approach to occupational medicine and managed care … caring, instructive, and cohesive, and he is able to build consensus among diverse personalities with divergent opinions …I can’t think of a single area of urgent care medicine that Larry has not been intimately involved in …

Ernie Biczak, MD

COO, Novasom

Just listened to the presentation. I was quite impressed.

And after OM residency, boarding and 30 years or so of practice, i’ve followed FMCSA regs for awhile.

And I’ve heard my share of presentations on driver exams.  

I must say, yours was excellent. Style and content both spot on.

What I thought was particularly useful about the presentation is that it had information of value to old timers like me… as well as the newbies.  Well done.

I work in a system with a bunch of primary care docs. I’m about to send a reminder about the changes in process.  I’ll include a link to your presentation in case anyone wants a refresher

Dennis Schultz MD MSPH FACOEM

This presentation on BBP exposure was excellent. 

I am responsible for employee health at my hospital and deal with BBP exposures on a daily basis. 

I believe it took me months to understand all of the information you presented so well in a half hour lecture. 

This was a great review for me and reassured me that I was doing things correctly. 

As always, I am very grateful I found your site and look forward to more of your excellent presentations.

Walter Vieweg DO

Medical Director Occupational Services, Lake Health System

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