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I’m Dr. Larry Earl (MD) and I’ve owned and operated multi-site, multi-state Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine centers for over 30 years.

Now I provide full time consulting and training for clients ranging from independent medical practices to billion dollar healthcare organizations.

We cover all aspects of urgent care, primary care and occupational medicine from strategy and design, sales & marketing, implementation and operational optimization.



Medical practice strategy, startups, optimization, marketing, new service lines.  Large and small practices, hospitals, investors, and other healthcare companies.

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Learn from 30 years experience in urgent care, occupational and family medicine.  Providers, management and staff, newbies and old-timers alike find value here.

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Let’s talk about everything you need to make a successful practice that delights your patients and keeps them, and your bottom line, healthy.

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Recent Posts

We’re So Busy – Why Aren’t We Making Any Money?

Medical Practice Management for Poor Profits During a recent medical practice management consultation, I listened to an  owner of a hybrid family medicine/urgent care practice lamenting - "We've been open for 4 years.  After about the first 2 years we became...

How Good is Your Occmed Knowledge?

Take the Quiz! It's only 10 questions and covers work related examinations and injury care

Should You Use a Prescription Discount Card as a Marketing Tool?

Do Prescription Discount Cards really work? It seems most of the prescription discount cards you see advertise up to 75-80% off prescription drug prices.  But what does that really mean?  For many patients who have a good pharmacy benefits plan and a fixed co-pay of...

Do FMCSA Rules “trump” HIPAA?

Driver with a Disqualifying condition - FMCSA vs. HIPAA Marie and Suzanne wonder: Q: Was wondering what action a health care organization should take if they become aware a DOT driver has a disqualifying condition and still driving. The driver sought urgent care...

MCSAC-MRB Approves Sleep Apnea Recommendations to FMCSA

MCSAC-MRB Votes to Approve The joint meeting of the MCSAC-MRB this week voted to approve the August, 2016 recommendations to FMCSA regarding screening and management of commercial drivers for obstructive sleep apnea. Medical Examiners &...

Would You Order a Sleep Apnea Test on this Truck Driver?

Screening for Sleep Apnea in Commercial Drivers In a previous post “Every 17″ Gets a Sleep Test,” we discussed how you really have to use a rational process to screen and refer drivers for sleep apnea testing. Here’s a recent comment from a driver to the FMCSA on the...

Clockwise – the Best Tool to Increase Patient Satisfaction?

Exceeding Expectations Meeting or exceeding expectations leads to positive patient satisfaction.  Expectation for urgent care or workers comp services starts the minute a patient hits your practice’s website.  Assuming you provide the usual complement of services the...

Medical Review Board Advises FMCSA on Sleep Apnea

Medical Review Board Meeting On August 22-23, 2016, the Medical Review Board (MRB) met to deliberate on public comments from medical professionals and associations on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA’s) and Federal Railroad Administration’s...

My Productivity Tools

Staying Productive I’m often asked about the productivity tools and technology I use to manage my business and various consulting projects.  I’m a tech junkie.  It would take at least a small book to give a decent review of all the apps I use and love. Here are some...

Should the Driver Disrobe for a DOT Physical?

Hidden Conditions I know some examiners that have high volume practices and don't require commercial drivers to disrobe for a DOT physical. Here's an interstate driver who popped into a truck stop restaurant to wolf down a burger and fries. Some would argue that this...